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  • Be respectful and mindful towards each other. Physical, sexual and verbal abuse, xenophobia or other kinds of discrimination is not tolerated.

  • Make sure to always be at least 5 minutes early to class. This is important both for your self, in order to be prepared and ready for your class, but it is also important in order to maintain a positive and relaxed atmosphere in the studio. Being late to a class will cause stress both for yourself and others, and it will be a disturbance for those who have already started their class.

  • We love when our students and fans take photos and videos in and around our studio, but just not during a class… when in class, everyone should enjoy the space and time together. We would like to ask everyone to be present during class, and not using mobile phones or other things which might disturb your own and others’ ability to focus and get the most out of class.

  • For safety reasons, always follow instructions of the present staff.

  • The changing rooms, waiting room and equipment is there for your convenience, but please use them in a responsible manner to ensure a safe and secure environment for everyone. Leaving personal belongings is at your own risk.

  • Our professional and experienced teacher will support and guide you, but please know that participation in any class, the exercises and any eventual injury is at your own risk. Always make sure to listen to your teacher and be responsible for your own body and workout.

  • In order for our experienced staff to help you avoid eventual injury, they may use verbal and/or physical corrections to guide you through a safe workout. If you for any reason do not feel comfortable with this, please inform the staff before the class begins.

  • No outdoor or black soled footwear should be worn in the studio. Socks, soft ballet and pointe shoes are allowed. It is also OK to be barefoot.

  • Love your space and keep it clean for others who will use it after you.

  • For guests who are using the waiting room or other facilities, we ask to respect the noise level to ensure students are getting the most out of their class. Sometimes silence is golden!


This offer is made available to help prospective student find a suitable class, and thereby it is only available to residents in the Netherlands. We reserve the right to ask for legitimation if deemed necessary. The free trial offer is valid on any of our regular classes from our schedule.


If paying via invoice, we ask students to complete the payment within 10 days of receiving the invoice. Once the lessons package is finished, we kindly ask to complete a purchase of a new lessons package before attending another class.


All purchases are final but we of course want to ensure that our students are satisfied, therefore we ask students to contact us in case of any questions or queries. We're here to help!

If you have purchased a 90 min package, and have lessons left which you would like to convert to 60 minute lessons, then this is possible at a 1-to-1 ratio: one 90 minute lesson can be exchanged to one 60 minute lesson.

If you have purchased a 60 min package, and have lessons left which you would like to convert to 90 minute lessons, then this is possible at a 2-to-1 ratio: two 60 minute lessons can be exchanged to one 90 minute lesson.


Students are obligated to use the MindBody tool to check-in for classes; either before arriving to the studio and via our online MindBody portal, or by using the iPad on the wall in the classroom at the studio. If it is your first trial class then simply inform the teacher.


We ask for teachers and students alike to love our space; keep it tidy so that everyone can enjoy our beautiful venue. 


Students are obligated to inform us in regards to any injury they might have in order for our teachers to support in avoiding further injury. Our classes are designed to avoid injury and our teachers are professionals within their field and we provide a safe environment at our studio. Nevertheless, please be aware that there is always a risk of injury when engaging in any form of physical activity. Students are also accountable to exercise responsibly in order to avoid accidents. 


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