What our students say about us and our classes

I cannot imagine a better environment, nor teacher, for an introduction to ballet. I am very grateful for the Zhembrovskyy school.
— Magdalini Thymi
I absolutely love and enjoy every single minute at Zhembrovskyy’s. Thanks to ZhemFit I can really see the result. My body has transformed and I’ve never been so fit!!! Considering that only one year ago I had my Sofia, and now I feel more aware and confident about myself. I am more in balance with myself!
— Federica Trezzi

Going to the ZhemFit classes twice a week really helped me make progress; finally I’ve started developing some more core.
— Bastiaan Anink

I hope your school will flourish for years to come! That way I’ll still be attending classes with my walking aid some twenty years from now ;-) or maybe I won’t need a walking aid because of classes! It’s very nice of you to also focus on older people like me, who feel somewhat left out sometimes in this world of youth and beauty.
— Carmen Hiemcke

I find your classes not only fun and inspiring but also very challenging. The classes helped me regain strength after my knee surgery, which is really great :-)
— Martine Willems

I ran my first marathon this Sunday in Rotterdam, with a much better time than expected when I registered (3hours 56 mins!). My cross training at your classes helped me massively for strengthening my injured knee and ankle, along with the overall core strengthening. I felt very comfortable and confident while racing, and enjoyed every bit of it! I will rest for 2 weeks now to recover, then I’ll be back in class!
— İdil Fındıkoglu 

Plié, grand plié, relevé… I found a new passion ‘late’ in life and now I truly love ballet. I’m not really the sporty kind, and I find working out and “fitness” boring. So, I never got into it even if I tried. But this one is art, dance, music, sport and emotions rolled into one - I finally found what my (fitness) heart was looking for and the beautiful Zhembrovskyy studio is the perfect place for it. The teachers are professional dancers so the classes are topnotch.
— Angel Trinidad

It is a childhood dream coming true (taking ballet lessons from professional dancers as teachers) and with such an amazing school! Your school really helped me improve my condition, mood and well-being in general. Zhembrovskyy’s is one of the places I really feel happiness!
— Müge van Eijck

Before ZhemFit I tried all kinds of workouts but nothing challenged me in the same way, nor did they address every part of my body from the way I turn my head to the tip of my toes, not to mention my butt! I also like the atmosphere among the students and the individual attention teachers give students. Thank you!!! It’s an awesome class!
— Marie Andersen

I take private fitness lessons with Alexander and he is a great teacher; persistent, professional and also humorous. He stimulates you not to settle for less. He knows what he is doing and understands that it is not only about strength but also about shaping your body - with amazing results. Highly recommended!
— Saskia Reuling


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