The ideal class to work on general agility and to relax the muscles. Our bodies lose a lot of flexibility and agility as we get older and many movements become increasingly difficult.

Stretching is an excellent way to improve the flexibility of joints and muscles. It helps to relieve tension and improves blood circulation. It also helps to recover muscles faster and reduces the risk of injuries.

Stretching is a great training in and of itself and can very well be combined with all our other lessons.

In our Stretching classes we combine stretching disciplines from ballet, yoga, pilates and gymnastics.


30 and 60 minute classes

  • We offer 30 minute Stretching classes as an extension to our Ballet classes during which we aim to relax the body after ballet.

  • We also offer 60 minute Stretching classes during which we warm up and stretch the entire body in various ways.

About the teachers:

Zhembrovskyy is a unique school that focuses on top quality, ambition and results. The process of on-boarding new teachers is very selective, aiming to ensure highest quality of service to inspire and motivate you whilst offering an exclusive yet fun experience. Our teachers are all professional ballet dancers and fitness coaches from the Dutch National Ballet and other dance and fitness companies. They know how to help you reach desired results.


How does it work:

If it is your first time, come try a class for free. Then register via our MindBody tool and sign up for the classes you want. MindBody is our class registration system and helps you keep track of the schedule and your purchased packages. If you have any questions or concerns about which classes to choose, come for a trial class, give us a call or send us an email. We are always happy to help! Our goal is to support you in your development and to provide a professional environment for dancers and movers of all ages, levels and backgrounds.


The first class is free!

We want to be fair with you and we want you to be confident about your choice of school and classes. That is why we offer you to try any class once for free.

Important! Please don’t forget to let the teacher know that you are trying the class for the first time. That way we will better know how to help you with the next steps.


All ages & levels

30-60 minutes