Give someone you love the gift of dance and movement!

Zhembrovskyy Gift Cards are now available in our Mindbody online store and can be used as payment method for any of our products or lessons. As they do not need to be linked to a Mindbody account, our Gift Cards can be bought by, and given to, anyone and everyone. Simply click the link and send the Gift Card via email to someone you love.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. gift

Go to our online store on Mindbody to purchase a Gift Card. No need to log in or anything. Just select the value you want to spend, customise your card and send it to someone you love.

2. redeem

To use the Gift Card the recipient should go to our online store on Mindbody. They will be asked to log in (new students will be prompted to created an account) and pick the product or lesson they want. At checkout they can redeem the Gift Card by filling in its ID number as payment method. Voila !

3. enjoy

If the gift was a Zhembrovskyy product, then the recipient can pick it up at our studio. If it was a lesson or lessons package, then the recipient will be asked to check in with Mindbody to attend the class.

For more information check out our Gift Card page.