Gift Cards

You’ve received a Zhembrovskyy Gift Card or are thinking about giving one to someone you love? Great! Here below you can find answers to any of the questions you might have.


How can I purchase a Zhembrovskyy Gift Card?
Go to our online store on Mindbody and pick the Gift Card you want to purchase. You can customise it to your wishes and send it to whomever you want.


How can I redeem a Zhembrovskyy Gift Card?

  1. Go to our Mindbody portal and log in (if you are new to our school and do not already have an account please create one).

  2. In the Mindbody Online Store, select the Products or Services (classes) you want and add them to your Shopping Cart.

  3. Once you are finished with your order, click the Check Out button and at the top of the next screen you can now type in your Gift Card ID number as payment method.

  • The Gift Card ID is a 12 digit number and is written on your Gift Card.

  • The Gift Card number is not the same as a Promotion Code. If you fill in the Gift Card number in the Promotion Code field, rather than in the Gift Card Payment Method field, then the system will give you an error message. Instead you need to first click Check Out, and on the next screen you can fill in your Gift Card number as payment method.

  • If what you purchase is of higher value than the Gift Card then you will be asked to pay the remaining balance by credit card.

If what you purchase is a product, you will be asked to pick it up at our studio. If it is a lesson or lessons package then simply head to our Schedule page, register for the class you want and enjoy!

If you are unsure yet of what you want to use your Gift Card for, have a look at our various Classes and Products.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you at our studio!

What is Mindbody? Read more about it here.


What are Zhembrovskyy Gift Cards?
Our Gift Cards can be purchased and redeemed in our online store for any of our products or lessons. The buyer decides on the gift card value and sends it via email to the recipient.

Can anyone buy and use a Zhembrovskyy Gift Card?
Anyone can purchase and redeem our Gift Cards, no Mindbody account is needed. The buyer can purchase as a Guest, without logging into Mindbody, and in order to receive a Gift Card no Mindbody account is needed either. Upon redeeming the Gift Card, however, the recipient will be asked to register with our Mindbody portal. This is so that they can use the Gift Card ID as payment method at checkout.
What is Mindbody? Read more about it here.

I still have questions about your Gift Cards, can you help?
Of course! Contact us and we will do our best to answer any questions you might have.



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