Our Newsletter and Mindbody notifications

We often get emails from our students that you are not receiving certain email notifications from us, and we thought this would be a good time to share some additional information with you all. The most important thing is that there are two completely different communications that we might send out to you. The first is our Newsletter (which you are reading right now, as a subscriber), and the second is automated communications from our Mindbody portal. What is the difference and why should you sign up to them?


Through the Zhembrovskyy Newsletter we send our subscribers news, inspirations, special offers and other interesting stuff. Basically, it is our way of keeping you up to date with what’s going on at Zhembrovskyy and to inform you about partners discounts and anything else related to ballet, dance and fitness. To receive the newsletter you have to sign up via our website, or send us an email requesting to subscribe.

Also, you can easily unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any newsletter.


To purchase Zhembrovskyy lessons packages and take regular classes at our studio, you have to create your own Mindbody account. In your account you can see your purchase and visit history, how many lessons you have left in your current package, and manage your notifications settings. There are three types of notifications settings (and you can choose whether to receive notifications via email or SMS).

  1. Notifications regarding your account
    (i.e. purchase receipts, etc)

  2. Reminders and schedule changes
    (i.e. a class you’ve registered for is about to start, etc)

  3. News and Promos
    (i.e. account and package status notifications, such as package expiring or lessons running low in your account, etc)

As you can see, Mindbody calls the third kind of notification ‘news and promos’ but this is something completely different than our newsletter. If you want to receive updates from our Mindbody portal, then please make sure to check your notifications settings in your account. We would suggest to turn all of them on :)

Hopefully this will help clear up everything regarding your account and the various kinds of communications you might want to receive from us.

The Zhembrovskyy Team