About MindBody


What exactly is mindbody?

MindBody is the platform we use for our schedule and booking system. Students can create personal accounts via MindBody, through which they then can register for classes and see real time information in terms of our schedule and potential changes, how many lessons there are left in a purchased package as well as the expiration date of the package.

For recurring students we ask that you register (check in) for every class you attend either via the MindBody portal before arriving at the studio, or via the iPad on the wall in the classroom. 


How do you create an account?

1. Sign up via MindBody
Click the button below to go to our MindBody portal and follow a simple sign-up process. 

2. Buy lessons packages
Contact us to let us know which class(es) you are interested in so you can purchase a lessons package.

3. Check your account details
When your MindBody account is validated you will receive an automated confirmation email and you can now log in to your account and see your package(s), see the class schedule and register for classes etc.


Do you really need a MindBody account?

If you plan on attending classes on a recurring basis, and because of the above mentioned reasons, it is our recommendation that you activate an account via MindBody. 
However, if you prefer to pay for single lessons, then this is of course possible too. If this is preferred, please notify the teacher.