Annual Summer Performance

On Saturday July 7th 2018 it is time again for our Annual Summer Performance where students gets to show off their talents. 

Location: Zhembrovskyy
Date: 7/7/2018
Time: 17:00

This year's performance will include:

Kids and Adults solos
Choreography and work by Charmaine du Mont, Robin van Zutphen, Elena Kobeleva and Alexander Zhembrovskyy

Adults Modern Dance Choreography
Choreography and work by Robin van Zutphen

Classical Ballet Choreography
Choreography and work by Elena Kobeleva


Alma, Alisa, Amelie, August, Daisy, Laia, Nora, Ophelia, Santiago

Solo “Russian dance”
Annabel Geerlings

Solo Raymonda “Raymonda”
Julie Abrahams

Solo Chinese Dance “The Nutcracker”
Norah Simon

Solo girlfriend of Kitri “Don Quixote”
Svetlana Utkina

Solo 1st variation “Paquita”
Katja Hirst 

Solo of Esmeralda “Esmeralda”
Sophia Raiskin

Solo of Gamzatti “La Bayadere”
Alina Nastachenko

Solo of Gulnar “Le Corsaire”
Evdokia Ovsiannikova

Solo “Pharaoh’s daughter”
Rosa Woerde

 “Others” Modern dance choreography by Robin van Zutphen
Lenka, Julie, Alona, Miyushi, Ingrid, Jeannette, Svetlana, Cybele, Joanna

Solo 2nd variation “Paquita”
Amelie Buedts

Solo of Kitri “Don Quixote” (1st act)
Sophia Raiskin

Solo of Kitri “Don Quixote” (3rd act)
Alina Nastachenko

Solo of Fairy of tenderness “Sleeping Beauty”
Evdokia Ovsiannikova

Solo “Talisman”
Rosa Woerde

Trio “Andante Affettuoso”
Svetlana Utkina, Daria Egorova, Anastasia Gendler

 “Les Sylphides” Classical choreography by Elena Kobeleva
Jade, Lenka, Cecilia, Klaus, Joanna, Julie, Alona, Natasha, Esther, Ingrid, Jeannette, Patricia, Natalia, Joan


To reserve your spot in the audience, please fill in the form below. Please note: we would of course like to invite anyone who is interested but as we have a limited amount of seats we can only guarantee multiple seats to students of our school.

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